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The team at Toledo Vision Therapy has been providing Sylvania with vision therapy services with specialities in neuro-developmental, pediatric, and rehabilitation vision care for many years.

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Meet The Eye Doctor At Toledo Vision Therapy

Our neuro developmental rehabilitation therapy optometrist examines and tests the entire visual system of the whole person in order to determine the very best vision therapy program.

Young girl and optometrist eye test

Dr. Donna Baldwin-Mickey, O. D.

Donna L. Baldwin-Mickey O.D. is a neuro developmental rehabilitation therapy optometrist who treats patients with vision problems related to reading, special needs, sensory processing disorders, dyslexia, crossed-eyes (strabismus), lazy eyes (amblyopia), eyestrain, near-sightedness (myopia), stroke, neurological disease and head / brain injury, such as concussions.

Dr. Baldwin-Mickey's practice TOLEDO VISION THERAPY offers a developmental approach to the testing and treatment of many conditions. Offerings include visual perceptual testing and training for children with learning challenges.